Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I was feeling a little sentimental today so if you want to see my tribute to my friend, then click HERE. We went to Oak Glen this weekend with C&J to take the kiddos and get some pictures. Go check out Chris & Jenn's on our blogtography page.

I'll be posting some of the chipmunks a little later.


Chris and Jenn said...

you are too cute Lyndz! Thanks for the tribute!! You guys rock and we love you!! keep up the good work.

Rey and Melanie said...

Hey Roger....Rey and Mel here...We thought it was cool to hear from you. Yes, Rey finally got it right with the whole girl thing, good thing cuz I I told him this was his last chance(not really though, Rey wants 5, he's freakin crazy). Well it would be WAY awesome to see you guys! You seem to have a really fun wife and your kids are so adorable. YEs, we are still in Cali. actually Hesperia. Where are you guys living? Hope all is well and keep in touch. Take Care.

Sundbergs said...

Those came out amazing. Let me know if the kids had fun. We have been talking about goging up there.